Ryan Field BSc(hons)

Multi-skilled British Web Developer

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About Ryan

I am currently , residing in Hertfordshire.


BSc(Hons) Computer Science (2:1)

University of Hertfordshire 2008 - 2011

MSc Software Engineering With Distinction

University of Hertfordshire 2016 - 2017


I am always looking to expand my skill-set, below is a list of skills and languages I currently possess / Know:

  • HTML 4 / 5
  • PHP
  • CSS / 3.0
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C++
  • VBA
  • VB (.net)


I am currently not actively seeking work opportunities, but if you would like discuss any opportunities that you think might interest me then contact me using the contact form on this page or by emailing me at: Employme@RyanField.me

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